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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is very simple. Our mission is to investigate and research reported hauntings of all types and to help both people and the spirits who haunt them or disprove a haunting altogether. This way all parties involved, when we are finished, are in a good place. We do this with courtesy and professionalism.

We approach our investigations from both a spiritual and scientific point of veiw utilizing spiritual tools and scientific ones to get the evidence and data we need to prove or disprove a haunting. Often times there are mundane reasons for a percieved haunting. This is what we look for first and formost. Debunking is a good thing!

If, for any reason, we can't clear a home or business we will refer you to someone who is trusted to handle the matter. We do our absolute best to not leave you alone with your haunting. Even if that means we keep coming back which usually is not necessary.

All information given to us and gathered through evidence is confidential unless express permission is given upon taking the case. We never divulge any personal information otherwise.

We look forward to helping you!